Collective Savings Counters

These calculations illustrate the positive, powerful impact our customers are making on the environment and the financial savings they are enjoying from purchasing and implementing EnergyEarth products. The displayed savings represent the estimated collective impact over the lifetime of the products purchased by our customers. For individual product savings, please visit the specific product webpage.

Kilowatt hours

This calculation represents the collective kilowatt hours (kWh) reduced over the lifetime usage of our energy and water efficient products, as compared to using similar non-efficient products. Results are based on national average usages and assumptions.

US dollars

This calculation represents the combined total of US dollars saved by our customers on energy and water related costs by purchasing our products. Results are based on the lifetime savings of the products. The collective savings totals include the following national average rates: $.118 per kilowatt hour, $1.11 per therm of natural gas, $2.80 per 1,000 gallons of fresh water and $2.80 per 1,000 gallons of waste water. (source:, 2011)


This calculation represents the total number of matured trees required to absorb CO2 emissions produced by non-efficient products. The amount of CO2 reduced by the products we offer is calculated against how many trees it would typically take to convert that amount to oxygen. Results are based on the assumption that one mature tree can absorb one ton CO2 from the atmosphere in its lifetime.

Gallons of water

This calculation displays the total amount of water reduced by the utilization of our water efficient products, compared to non-efficient products.


Savings calculations are presented as an example of potential savings; actual savings may vary based on use, utility rates and other factors. Calculations are based on national averages and assumptions and may be adjusted for a more accurate estimate of individual savings. While EnergyEarth strives to provide the most accurate information, we cannot guarantee the savings displayed.